I really like post-it notes. I find that my head is not able to keep track of anything, thus my itinerary, bills to pay, chores to do (oh crap! I forgot to vacuum this morning!),phone calls to make… my life basically exists on those lovely little yellow squares. Or blue. Depending on the color I bought. But classically yellow… anyway! back to the point!
Juliet gave all my post-its to her teddy bears. Well, not all… she left me the two I caught her with. It’s actually pretty funny to see little teddy bears covered with about 40 little note papers. Not good for Momma’s memos though.
Not to mention that Layla has learned to take her diaper off. Poop is gross, even from a cute little baby.

Did I mention it’s snowing again??

I really like my kids. But I think I would greatly benefit from a vacation.

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