It’s lovely to have a bit of a tan once again. The weather has been more than phenominal for the past 4 days. Craig and I actually passed up our trip to the movies Saturday afternoon to stay home and dig up the back yard. Yes, that is how nice it was outside. Granted we rescheduled for Sunday, but still!

The lovely thing about owning your own home is that, I feel a certain, not pride in it, but I guess a care and concern for it. I just LOVE doing things that improve my home and make it more comfortable and beautiful. In the past week I’ve moved the furniture in the living room and our bedroom. I’ve hung up lots of pictures, cleaned out closets, and made muffins. We’ve planted gladiola bulbs and marigold seeds (oy, I really hope they grow! The girls took charge!) I’ve been planning where to put my herbs. Craig, the girls and I had a lovely stroll through the Lowes garden center where we looked at trees and pretty landscaping items. We’ve taken full advantage of the park across the street and have even ventured to let Tempy off the leash, and yes, she did come back to me. Yay! The car was washed, kinda… the wash stuff that we picked up left icky, waxy streaks. Must redo with good, old fashioned dish soap and turtle wax.

A really good present came in the mail today in the form of our tax return. Lets just say, life just got a little easier as the debt is shrinking at a rapid rate! God is so good. I was hoping and praying that the state return might turn up this week so I could take care of a few things, and low and behold, there were TWO government envelopes a-waitin’ for me this afternoon! If I had a bugle, I would have blown on it!

The sun is so good for the girls. Although for some crazy reason they are up at the crack of dawn now! Not so good for Momma but fine just the same. Tempy isn’t letting me get a lot of extra sleep after 6 or 6:30 this past week anyways so might as well have everyone up. We’ve had friends over and hopped like bunnies through the field across the street. Spring is everything I dreamed it would be at our new home, complete with rosy cheeks, mud pies and popcicles.

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