It’s raining. And I’m really quite surprised to hear it rain. This time of year’s precipitation usually comes so silently that you just wake up in the morning with a “yikes!” and that’s all there is to it. Except for the shoveling, scraping and shivering, of course. But I’m enjoying the sound of the drip drops and the glow of our Christmas trees.

TreeSSSSSSSS? you may ask… yes, trees. We have two trees. One is absolutely traditional with red, gold and cream glass balls, handmade keepsake ornaments and a star at the top. The other one is… well…. slightly less traditional. It’s a little over 3 feet tall, made of pink iridescent foily stuff, with pink lights. It is decorated with some of the girls handmade ornaments and finger puppets! Can you guess who is the owner of this tree??

I think it was 2 Christmases ago now… yes, Juliet was turning 3… I was at Michael’s Arts and Crafts with the girls one afternoon. As we rounded the corner into the holiday decorations, Juliet’s big brown eyes lit up and she exclaimed breathlessly, “Ooh! Mommy look! A pink tree!” It was truly the most beautiful thing she had ever seen, all pre-lit and sparkly. So what’s a mommy with a 40% off coupon to do?!

And I really do love that little tree, hideously tacky as it is. Because they love it so much. It’s worth a bit of cringing here and there. Because it really is incredibly gaudy!

Once the girls are officially asleep, I think I’ll start wrapping up some of their smaller gifts. Books and DVDs and such. A countdown on Facebook informed me today that there are only 15 days left until Christmas! I had NO idea! We’re leaving for Jersey again in just over a week, and that’s 5 days out of my preparation days that I won’t have. I’ve been making a couple batches of cookie dough here and there and putting it in the freezer so we can have fresh cookies on Christmas. Christmas Eve will just be a massive cooking, cleaning, food shopping day!

Tomorrow is Craig’s Christmas party at work for the kids. There will be a guy dressed as Santa, and yes, that is how my children refer to him. I’ve thought about that a bit lately. There was a commercial on one of the networks with a bunch of celebrities talking about the magic of Santa Claus to a child… I think it was for Macy’s… and all of a sudden, I had tremendous guilt! Oh my gosh! I’ve deprived my children the joy of Santa Claus. Then I slapped myself in the head a few times and remembered that there’s so much more joy in the love of family and Jesus! And how by not going the Santa route, I’ve brought the focus of Christmas back to all of that. And I’m pretty darn thankful for that!

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  1. Myria

    I though that was a half a snow dude in the yard when I came up Sunday! Wasn’t sure though. Haha. Your little pink treee, sorry, the GIRLS little pink tree is so cute. & I totally agree with your view of te Santa thing. We still haven’t gotten to the point where we need to make a decsion on Santa yet… Hmm. Have fun at the party tomorrow!!:)


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