Meet Tempy. This is my dog.

Tempy and I have an interesting relationship.

I let her out whenever she wants. She poops on my floor when we go get the mail.

I feed her twice a day. She steals the food off the table when we leave it.

I have provided a couple very comfy pillows and blankets for her to cuddle up on. She sleeps wedged between me and my husband.

She tries to eat our UPS guy and barks at every single delivery type truck that drives down the road and mauls Craigy every evening when he walks through the door. Sometimes he just walks down the hall into the bedroom and she comes running up and attmepts to wrangle his sleeve from his shirt. She steals the girls toys and chews a little hole into any socks she can sneak away.

But today, well today I really like my doggie. Today she rolled in the snow, licked the peanut butter out of her bone so cutely and learned how to roll over. She ate up the pasta and jelly I spilled on the floor and kept my toes warm while I read to the girls. She followed me faithfully from the office to the kitchen and laid in front of the bathroom door while I showered.

Yup, she’s a pain. But I love my woofer.

4 comments to “The Woofinator”

  1. Denese

    T, Last evening Qy couldn’t resist the bowl of chopped kielbasa for our home fries for dinner and tonight I left my nearly empty cafe mocha cup on the counter and he decided to taste it. It’s so nice to hear our dog is not the only one…and yes, it does absolutely drive me nuts! I don’t think a breeze can blow past our house without Qy barking at it! Dogs…ya can’t live with ‘em, can’t live without ‘em!

  2. Myria

    You know my dogs, lol. You know I’m right there with ya:) haha.

  3. Tambi

    my morning, pouring rain&ice, walk downstairs, no coffee yet
    first pee in the kitchen, poop in the dining room, and trash bag broken into and coffee grinds all over the pantry floor!

    even a little dog, can make a big mess!!

  4. Jessie

    I miss having a dog in my house. :)


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