Yesterday I really, really hit a wall of exhaustion. So overwhelmed, I just stood bawling in Craig’s arms 10 minutes before having to leave for church. There just seemed to be so much going on, so much to do, so many people to see, and things to remember and figure out just piling up, up, up.

I am so thankful for my wise hubby who loves me so very much. He sent me back to bed and took over with the kids. He rubbed my back and had me tell him what had to get done. And it really wasn’t that much, but it truly seemed impossible at the moment. I ended up napping into the early afternoon and when I woke up he took the girls out to pick up donuts and coffee. I puttered around the house, the lovely quiet house, and cleaned up and started some grilled cheeses. By the time they got back, I felt so much better. And then the thought occurred to me, “Craig isn’t scared of my crying anymore!”

When we were first married, when I cried it totally freaked Craig out. The poor boy just didn’t understand that sometimes there is just nothing to do but cry! He seemed to think that when I cried, the world was ending and the only thing he could do was RETREAT! RETREAT!

But yesterday, he knew to just deal with it. He took care of the girls, sent me to bed and just let me cry, cry, cry and sleeeeeeep. And I was so thankful he did because I had no clue what I needed. Today I am much better. I have accomplished in just a few short hours that which seemed impossible yesterday. And, I’m chillin’. Puzzles, coloring, no crazy workout and donuts for lunch.

God is good!

2 comments to “Super Hubby to the Rescue!”

  1. Myria

    Thank God for good husbands that are there to pick up the ball on the rare occasions that we drop them!:):) Oh what would we do without them?

  2. Denese

    Yay Craig!!! Yay T!!! The joys of marriage…Isn’t wonderful to feel like someone really gets us….or at least can help us when we don’t know what to do with ourselves. We all have those moments, especially during the holidays! xoxo


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