Today, Craigy and I have been “officially” a couple for 10 years! To quote our youngest daughter, “holy moly!”

I can’t believe that is was a whole 10 years ago that we were IMing every night and stuck to each other like glue every where else. Puppy eyes, is the term used most often I believe. It’s lovely to think back and remember it becoming official by way of me asking, “uuuh… what’s going on here, because I really want to be your girl and everyone seems to think I’m your girl” (in so many words!). The first time we held hands (movies, sneak peak of The Other Sister, according to Craig), the first time I kissed him on the cheek (Six Flags), our first real kiss, our second kiss, our third kiss… hummm…

Ok, too mushy ;o) sorry….

Anyways, when Craig asked me to marry him in August 1999 we were just shy of 16 and 17. But we knew that this is how we wanted it forever. When he asked me to marry him, one of the things he said (for those who know Craig, know he is a man of few words, ) he asked me to make him happy. At the time, he had just come out of a bit of a rough spot where he just was fairly miserable most of the time and he knew that I made him happy. When I had told Mom about what he said when he proposed, she seemed a bit concerned (love you Mommy!) that he didn’t ask to make me happy. But it has worked that way. Through the years he has put everything into making me happy. He lives for it. And I can only hope that I do the same.

Aw, crap, I’m gonna spend the day all weepy and mushy now! How can I function this way??

Me and Craig, winter 1999, I think...

Me and Craig, winter 2000, I think…

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    So cute!!:):):) Yay!


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