Today we are in Jersey, where everyone shakes and quivers at the threat of snow and ice. Having lived in Norwich for 4 years now (yikes!) I feel tough, like I’ve seen a thing or two. I’m not scared of that wee bit o’ slush that is coating the ground. You can all stock up on your loaves of bread and gallons of milk… this little chicky is willing to brave the mile.

Then I get a reality smack and remember how the equation of an excess of overly caffeinated drivers plus unprepared and underpaid highway workers multiplied by an inch of slush equals a Nightmare. (yes, with a capital N.)

But we will see. Since when can weathermen predict the weather? I’m going to bed. Too much Capt’n Crunch. Hey! I’m on vacation!!

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  1. Myria

    Enjoy that snow down there! haha. They are saying 10-15″ up here, so thankfully you missed that! As you said though, since when can weathermen predict the weather!? It might be sunny & warm tomorrow for all we know, lol. Enjoy your vacation, & eat all the Capt’n Crunch you want!!:)


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