Well, I still haven’t finished organizing the closet. I was waiting for Craig to decide what sort of shelves to put in there (it’s a big closet) but I just don’t think he’ll get around to it. At least not before I go nuts. So I’ll take care of ordering one today.

The girls are sicky. Juliet sounds like Craig and for any of you who know Craig and his congestion and coughing, it sounds pretty bad. But her fever is down and she’s bouncing on the couch so I’m not too concerned. Layla hasn’t gotten bad yet. Just a low grade fever. But she enjoys all the “perks” of being sick (sleeping on the couch, breakfast tray with juice and dry cereal…) so she’s milking it.

I have my list of things to do today but I doubt I’ll get all of them done. I think all this winter vacation is going to my head and all I want to do is NOTHING. Especially with two sickies though, how much can I actually do? I guess I could put those shoes piled up in my bathroom back in the closet… hmmm… naaaaaah!!!!

I think I’ll work on sorting through Christmas photos today. I’ll put some up here if I do… Ok enough ramblings…

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