New Years Eve, 2008. And a whole lot of nothing is going on. Kid’s are sickly. Hubby is playing video games. And I’m remembering years of friends and family all gathered together. It makes me sad that we’ve lived here for 4 years and I just don’t have a good connection with anyone. Other than my bro and sis in law (I LOOOOOVE you guys so much and am truly thankful for you always!) there just isn’t anyone to either A. ask to join in the fun or B. invite us to be a part of their’s. Most days I’m fine with that, but today I’m just feeling a little alone and mopey dopey.

Stir crazy too perhaps. Suddenly I feel the need to have “grown up” furniture. Our home is currently an amalgamation of random pieces of furniture and finagled end tables and storage. Pictures have been placed where there were already nails available and my books are on a shelf in the closet. Don’t get me wrong, everything is fine and functional and we want for nothing! Just… bleh blah… yeah… cabin fever.

Dear Lord, forgive me for being so discontented. Help me to embrace where you have me in life and be always thankful for each and every blessing you have lavished upon me and my family. Thank you that your grace covers everything.

3 comments to “New Years Eve Blues”

  1. Jenn

    Stir crazy lady can read my blog of fun:

    MISS YOU!!!

    Did the package arrive?

  2. Denese

    We miss you here
    this year
    my dear.
    I actually stayed up past midnight! And slept till 9:30 this morning! I haven’t done that in years. I have fresh hope that this year will be less cluttered and more organized than last. We’ll see how that goes : )
    Love you,
    your other momma

  3. Myria

    Oh hun! I’m so sorry!! When I IMed you New Years Eve I was going to invite you guys down, but then you said the girls were sick, so I didn’t! I’m so sorry!:( We should plan more Ballinger-Allen play nights/days. I always enjoy being around you, Bri loves having other kids to play with (that actually play with her, not beat on her), & Herb likes having another dad that is not a sports fanatic (aka- also a nerd) to talk to. What do ya think?


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