I do love being creative. One of my greatest joys in life is sitting down (or pacing around) and figuring out a project and then executing it. Granted, it’s rare something gets finished, but it’s probably more the process than the result that I get a kick out of.

As you all know, in another 6 weeks-ish we will be getting an adorable little dachshund puppy. I am 98.2% set on the name Spammy (Spam, Sir Spamalot, Super Spammy, Spamson…). I am very excited. Especially since I will have to dress this doggie in sweaters and whatnot. Doxies are so low to the ground and so small that you just have to give them that extra layer of insulation! SO… I went to my favorite source for creative inspiration (etsy.com) and started browsing. I found THIS: Reversible Dog Coat

Obviously you see my problem about purchasing said item, but after a few minutes of careful doodling and pondering I have a plan to make a super groovy dog coat exactly like that and it should cost me no more than $7! Woot! I do believe there will be a coordinating bed as well… might as well, right?!?!

So yes, along with my quilting (finally progressing a bit more!), my knitting (I will make a sweater one of these days!) and sewing for the woofer I should have a good bit to keep me busy over the winter. It’s almost time to start spring PJs and summer skirts for the girls :o) I like that.

Well, please keep us in your prayers. Productivity certainly passes the winter nicely but we do tend to get stir crazy and claw at each other. I love you all much :o)

2 comments to “Productivity is Key!”

  1. Noelle

    geez T, I didn’t realize how crafty (I mean that in the creative way,duh) you are! one of these days I’m gonna finish crocheting the blanket I started for Lilli before she was born lol.

  2. Denese

    hahahahahaha! That coat is adorable! I think you should make them for the girls as well…only with sleeves! Or at least little hats for them that match. Then set up for photos! You can really do alot of cute photos with the whole co-ordinating thing! You are all gonna have such fun with Spammy! Cute name!


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