I can see my girls growing, changing, stretching right before my very eyes. And it’s freaking me out a bit. Of course they have to change. Did I think they were just going to stay in the preschool phases forever? Juliet I expect to see changes in. While I’m always struck by Juliet’s development, Layla has stopped me in my tracks for a minute. I knew it was coming, the growth spurt, but I just didn’t expect her personality and little mind to develop such confidence and ability to articulate all of a sudden. It seemed to happen over night. She’s taking all that chub she stored up over the past 6 months and is just stretching it out and every ounce of information she’s stored up and forming her own little point of view.

I suppose it’s because Layla Beth is the “baby” that it throws me so much. Juliet has always been the natural older child, a born leader. She’s always exceeded my expectations and surprised me in her abilities and thought processes. She is such a kid now though. There is no more preschooler there. It’s as if at 5 she just threw that bit off and here is this girl.

I am so thankful for how God is teaching me through them. When I am with them, hard as it is on a 24/7 basis, He gives me such a desire for sympathy and compassion and a gentleness that my soul has yet to learn. It’s truly with through your children that you learn how very much you are lacking in your own self. God is so good to be pulling me towards him in the morning and just letting my first thoughts be of him and his goodness and mercy and love. It’s only with this hope, can I grasp at the chance of succeeding with these precious jewels.

Layla Beth and Juliet Rose, January 2009

Layla Beth and Juliet Rose, January 2009

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  1. Denese

    Your girls are precious jewels! And you are wonderful with them! You too, my dear, are a precious jewel! You sparkle and shine with the love of our Lord Jesus. xoxo

  2. Denese

    The pics are beautiful : )


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