For several years now there has been a phrase uttered by many Christians I’ve met that always rubs me the wrong way:

“I need to try to be a better Christian.”

And I could never figure out why. Why would a declaration of trying to be more of the example that Jesus set annoy me? I don’t ever feel that rub when someone talks about how they’re going to church more, or if I hear of someone serving the Lord, or if they say they’re trying to get into a habit of doing daily devotions. It was just that statement.

And today, some light… perhaps… In my little daily devotional book “Mornings with Tozer” (by AW Tozer) I read a quote that said, “We know that people spend a lot of time talking about a deeper Christian life- but few seem to want to know and love God for himself.”

Maybe this is the key? Maybe that statement of being a better Christian sounds so human strength based to me. All that it encompasses are good, but it doesn’t really reach into who God is and getting to know him better. It’s like if you’re going out with a friend you can either go to a two hour movie or out to coffee for half an hour? Which one will result in you knowing that person better?

Just thoughts in my head… they’re still forming so please forgive me if anything seems out of line or off a bit. I’m still learning :o)

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  1. Denese

    T. for awhile I was reading what was categorized as “deeper life” writings. One of my first thoughts was, “hmmmmm, then this has to be ‘more spiritual’ than what everyone else is doing.” I don’t like the connotation there. What’s everything else out there? Chopped liver?!! Now, (and like you this is just where I am on my own journey, I could be off) I am less concerned with making sure I measure up against others or striving all the time in my spirituality and more concerned with allowing God to love me. When Jesus came here He didn’t have anything “to prove”, He knew who He was and He knew that His Father loved Him. He had a mission and He relied on God to be what He needed to walk in that calling. As you know, and I’m quoting my cutting board here “I am a complex woman of many moods” and I feel that when I let God love me I become free. Truly free. I feel that He is smiling upon me as His daughter and I can be my best self. It’s all such a process!
    God is enjoying you T! He loves watching your mind work these things through, He loves your sensitivity as you think out loud, and He loves that you want to know Him to know Him.
    One of my favorite things is when I do something so crazy silly that I just crack up laughing and in that moment I sense God laughing with me. He is here, now, loving every moment of our hearts being turned toward Him. I love you, T. You are a phenomenal woman of God! xoxo


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