Holy cow! The inner fight is intense! Whenever we drive Craig to work, and especially on cold, dark, snowy mornings I cannot get my mind off of McDonalds for breakfast. I can hear the hot coffee, the bacon egg and cheese biscuits and orange juice calling me. It would be soooo easy to just turn left out of Craig’s parking lot and cruise into the drive through and order up some fast food love.

But no, I turned right. I chose the healthier path once again. I’m getting pretty sick of this! On the other hand, when I overeat a tad or enjoy dessert after dinner, I have a lot less guilt about it and don’t leave he meal feeling ill! So it’s all good! But I’m trying to remember if it’s all year round or just in the winter where everything revolves around food. I have been trying lots of new recipes and even delving into switching up some traditional comfort food casseroles. This weekend Jenn and I are going to try our hand at some Thai food! I’ve never had Thai (what?! no Thai in Norwich?!) but I’m super excited to give it a whirl. There will be lots of new ingredients to test out!

And then I’ll finish up with brownies :o)

Yesterday I tried out a new yoga DVD with my friend Katie. I loved it! There’s nothing like moving a bit and laughing with friends to get you through the winter.

Juliet and Layla have moved into the c o n s t a n t l y talking, speaking, discussing, arguing phase of their lives. Craig is trying to understand why I’ve gone to sleep before 10:30 for two nights in a row. My head is SO-ho-ho tired! Yesterday was fun though. Juliet requested Nate the Great pancakes for lunch. Which forĀ  Jules means you stack up a bunch with a pat of butter and syrup poured over the top, dripping down the sides. It was fun.

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  1. Carolyn

    I loooove cooking Thai food! I use teriyaki sauce and coconut milk and Thai spice all the time! I have a really yummy Korean recipe as well that you might like too.

    And 3 cheers for brownies and pancakes!


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