Puppy is waking up so I have to type fast, but today was a good day. I am exhausted mentally and physically but it was a good day! There were no puppy accidents and he slept the night with the exception of a 3AM potty break. Tempy was more receptive to him and we even had a good playtime together with Spam. Juliet sensed a shift in my focus and had a rather emotional day, but I felt I handled everything correctly and efficiently. Layla took a bit of coaxing, but she’s up and around on her foot once again (didn’t blog about her cuts but she’s fine!) Also, I had NO time to eat so perhaps I will hit my next weight loss goal! hehe…

I’m hoping that we will have a bit of a routine down by the end of the week. Puppies are fun=)

me bugging Spam...

me bugging Spam...

2 comments to “Spammy, Day Two”

  1. Jess

    He is sooo cute!

  2. Tambi

    How can you not love that little face.
    Zavey’s reaction “ahhhhhhhhhhh so cute”


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