I can’t believe how exhaustingly well my days have been going! Yay, for shaking things up a bit! The new woofer is doing GREAT and Tempy is even making friends with him. I have to be careful because Tempy is about 20x bigger than this little guy, but they really are starting to coexist peacefully! Thank God! I was so worried before the puppy came that Tempy would just eat him in one bite! But again, going great =)

Spam is a lover. He just loves to snuggle up with me in bed and Craig is actually quite taken with him, whether he’ll admit it or not. I should have gotten a picture last night as Craig watched TV on the blue chair with Tempy on his feet and Spam snuggled next to him. It was very sweet indeed.

AND I’ve lost 3 pounds since we’ve brough the pup home! I am NOW at my pre prego (Juliet!) weight! Wahoo! I never thought I’d get there! Of course I am shaped differently so I need a size 10 instead of an 8, but under my momma tummy pooch I can feel my sixpack taking shape! (ok that might be an exaggeration ;o) For the first time in 5, no 6 years if you count pregnancy time, I am not scared of bathing suits! Thats not to say that I won’t still wear a one piece with shorts… there are stretch marks. But still! Wahoo!

Phew… too much coffee for me this morning.

2 comments to “Things are Going Exhaustingly Well!”

  1. Jess

    Congratulations! That’s awesome! It takes so much self control to lose weight, I can do a few days then I just give up, thinking “oh these cupcakes won’t add too many pounds”, it’s horrible. I’m so proud of you!
    I’m so glad to hear about the coexisting too. Do take lots of pictures please :)

  2. Denese

    Yay T! Hard work pays off! Good for you! Pre-pregnancy weight is like a pipe dream to so many…How are you gonna celebrate? Pick out a lovely pattern for something new for spring? Twirl around the living room with the girls and dance? Have fun, that’s the most important thing : ) Love you xoxo


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