We took the day off today. I forgot about Presidents Day, and while I typically will do school on random holidays (ei: Martin Luther King Day, Columbus Day…) today I decided that I was going to take the gift and just do stuff around the house. I got a lot done, and that feels great. Poor hubby came home a bit early with a head cold but he’s rested up and watched all the Grey’s Anatomy we had on file so he should be up and at ‘em any time now. I have a questionable looking mixture of soup, herbs, chicken and rice bubbling away in the crockpot. I’ll eat just about anything but I’m a bit concerned about the girls being receptive to it. While it smells tasty, it looks pretty funky. Cheese. Cheese helps everything!

Over the weekend I ordered 6 yards of some awesome fabric from JoAnn’s.

I’m typically not a fan of fabric shopping online but if Mohammed can’t go to the mountain… It’s time to start planning some spring/summer clothing. I’m thinking pillow case tops. Simple, functional and darn cute! I also ordered from Amazon.com, Dachshunds for Dummies. Time to gain some insite into this neurotic breed! Although today Spam has been incredibly mellow. I put his collar on him and it makes him rather subdued. I’m sure he’ll get used to the feel of it and snap out of it by tomorrow.

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  1. Myria

    Nice fabric!!:) I got some stuff today to make Bri some foam books, mostly nursery rhymes I think. Maybe a few bible stories once I perfect the art of foam booking.
    Dachshunds for Dummies, wish I had that book 4 years ago! haha. Atleast the collar subdues Spam, when we put Napoleon’s on him the first time he tore around the house trying to get it off:-p
    So, playdate this week? I’m free every day!:)


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