I’m trying to figure out why I am so easily deterred from what I know I should do. I know how to raise and house break a puppy. I have good sense and I’ve done it before. Not that Tempy is the example of a well mannered dog, but why do I let myself disregard any prior decisions or methodology as soon as someone else suggests otherwise? It’s rather frustrating! And then when things go wrong and I’ve proven my original theory correct, or at least more efficient, I end up kicking myself for just not sticking with my guns.

Eh, whatever…

2 comments to “Guh-guh!”

  1. Matt

    i dont get it. did julie tell you to go ahead and let spammer pee on the kitchen floor?

  2. theresa

    Naaah… I just take random comments from people too seriously at times. Especially when I’m worn out. Thus the overly exaggerated blog entry over something rather minor! :)


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