My head is fuzzy from the inside out. It’s stinky. But the kids are finally asleep and so are the doggies. I’m here on the couch browsing through recipes and sewing projects and watching Hook. I forgot how much I like that movie. It’s just goooood. I’m currently searching for a how-to artical for backing with ceramic cookie molds. My darling Grandma Claire sent me bags of fun creative items to beat the winter blahs (thank you Grandma! if you read this before you’re note gets there =)) Anywho… I see shortbread in my future!

My fabric came from JoAnn’s and it far exceeds my epectations and I cannot WAIT to get started. I picked up a shift dress pattern for me and the girls are getting “pillowcase” dresses.

I have started a honey-do list for my dear hubby, but I think I need to make it bigger. Nothing is getting done! Although the current dilema I’m dying to figure out is how, oh how do I give Juliet her own space?! She needs something claim as her own and between the shared toys, beds and schooltime my poor girl seems to be feeling a little lost. Not to mention she is hyper-dramatic and five! Pee Wee soccer starts in a week. I’m hoping that will give her something to “own” and feel proud of.

Spamalama is getting big. He’s cute and snuggly and today he jumped up his first step! I’m so proud. And Tempy and I had a wonderful game of fetch out at the park. There are few things that make me happier than watching Tempy run free over the clean snow. It’s a beautiful picture and she is so happy when she’s there.

The chicky-doodles and I are going to bake pretzels tomorrow! Although I forgot the dumb kosher salt when I was at the store… hmm… ok maybe Tuesday.

Smee. Smee. What about Smee? Smee’s me. What about me?

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  1. Myria

    Having one of those days huh? I can totally feel you there.
    Sounds like you are a busy busy lady! Projects galore!!=) You’ll have to let me know what ones work out, I’m compiling a project list of my own & need some ideas.
    So, besides pretzles what do you have planned this week? Would you like to do a playdate? Shoot me an email or IM me & lemme know!
    How your head starts to clear up a little.


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