I am so happy to be feeling better! Today was a very productive day. I sewed quite a bit. After a bit of trial and error I made Spam a jacket. I think I need to pick up some toggles for the front. It has that vibe to it. I also need some velcro for the bottom and then I’m done! I wanted to show you a picture but I’m OUT of batteries for my camera!!! I really need to get a new set of rechargeables. I’m just cheap that way I guess. If it’s a $20 item for someone else, no problem, but I don’t really want to for me. But then it doesn’t make sense to just keep picking up the regular batteries because they’re dead in a month! Guh guh!

I also finished sewing my brown corduroy skirt and I just hate it! It’s not in the least bit flattering. SOoooo I’m thinking that it may become a purse! I want to pick up some fusible web to stiffen it and maybe I’ll make a cute little handbag lined with a fun spring floral. That would be pretty.

I did a new workout today. Jillian Michael’s 30 Day Shred was recommended to me by a friend and holy cow! was it intense. I think Jillian and I are going to have quite the love/hate relationship. It honestly was the best workout I’ve ever done. Bye bye Denise Austin! You are a wuss in comparison! I only wish I had this workout a month ago!

Juliet and Layla have been playing together very well… a little too well if you ask me. I’m bracing myself as this could only be the calm before the storm. Time will tell…

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  1. Denese

    T, that’s the only downside about sewing! And it does happen. You know that adorable tunic pattern we both have? They recommend that you make a trial version first, just in case it doesn’t fit right. Yipes! Who wants to make a silly trial version? I can understand the reason, but ugh! The quilt shop down here has such gorgeous fabrics, if that tunic looks nice I’ll be able to make a whole summer wardrobe…but that’s a big IF! You are one resourceful chickie, though, necessity being the mother of invention, you’ll probably make the funkiest purse ever! xoxo

  2. PJ

    have you tried energizer lithium batteries? they are about $10 a pack but last forever…longer than any recharchable batteries ive had!


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