This day has no where to go but up. My head, my brain, my aching glutes, my running around like a madwoman this morning, my embarrassingly awful mistake in scheduling, the cluttered kitchen, the schooling that needs to happen, the rain, and again, my head. If the Motrin would kick in I could probably convince myself to clean up the the house and do the dishes. I’m thankful that my girly schedule has “regulated” lately, with my efforts of vitamins, diet and exercise, but now I feel like this one day when it starts just HITS me like a cinder block to the brain.

I’m ready for my cry now. Spam and I are going to go snuggle while the girls watch TV. I need to think of something fun to do today. After my nap of course for without that nothing else would happen.

The girls were so very nice when I messed up their play date. I felt so awful but they were ok as they munched on ALL the munchkins. “Here, Momma,” they said, “have a munchkin. It will make you feel better.” How sweet is that?! Again, cry-fodder.

And I do realize I’m taking everything a little too seriously at the moment. Again, I just need to nap for a few minutes. I should really do that instead of sitting here. Ok…

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