Oooh… to homeschool, or not to homeschool… It would be so easy to just, not! Of course if I put in a good two hours now I could be done by 11 and have the rest of the day for whatever. But I will probably procrastinate for a while longer and draw it out as long as I can!

Also, I’m seriously resisting the urge to splurge on a bunch of new tops from AE. 15% off and free shipping! But the girls need spring clothes much more than I do, which is still fun… but not the same! It’s all good though!

Last night our study question at Mom’s group from our fruit of the spirit book was, “how does joy look on you?” True joy, not happiness. Happiness is circumstantial while joy is not. It was interesting to think about. I know how I would like joy to look on me. I would like it to be an ever thankful spirit despite the difficulties of life. When others see me and look for the joy in my life I hope they will see me fixating on the love of my God and my family and the abundant blessings of my life. But the thought I immediately went to is how I am so thankful that joy is a fruit of the spirit and how it’s never in my power, but it’s through God’s spirit. When I cast my cares upon him he gives me joy in exchange for my worry. He leads me to see His provision and the things in my life that have eternal value. I don’t know if this is all the “correct answer” in accordance with the study book, but it works for me. =)

Ok! off to homeschool!

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  1. Myria

    I’m totally bummed that I missed last night discussion. It sounds like it was good though!!=)


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