Websters defines a habit as, “a settled tendency or usual manner of behavior.” When I think of what a habit is it first takes on a negative connotation in my mind. A habit is something to break, something you are a slave to.  Like that pot of coffee in the morning that you just can’t get on with out that you know you should really cut back on.

But on the other hand, habits are good. Getting into an exercise routine that benefits your health or something as basic as stopping at a stop sign to check for other cars on the road. My girls, especially Juliet, find such comfort in habit. In knowing her alarm will wake her up before Daddy leaves for work in the morning. Their scheduled TV show in the afternoon and bedtime goodnight routine give them a strong feeling of security.

Habits are built into us all, and sometimes it’s on an extremely subconscious level. When something is suggested to me that I don’t care for, my mouth does this weird side twist thing. When I tell Juliet it’s bath-night, she immediately argues that she had one the night before (we are currently on an every other night schedule :o)

Some are more ritualistic. I have to check all the doors, turn off all the lights except for the one in the bathroom and touch each of the girls one last time before I go to bed every night. At 3:15 every day, Tempy stands at attention by the back door, waiting for the dog who lives next door to come out to do his business. Craig has got to do that last late night email check to ease his mind that all his clients are taken care of for the night.

Now, why is it so hard for me to embrace the habit of waking up early in the morning and spending time with my Lord?

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