Juliet was trying out some of her Spanish on Layla at the dinner table today.

“Layla! After I say, ‘como esta?’ you say, ‘bien!’ Ok? Ready?!
Hola, compadre! Como esta?”

Layla replied, looking to get a rise out of her sister, “B. S.!”

*here is where I choked on my water trying not to laugh*

“No, no, Layla! Say, ‘bien!’”

Layla replies, “B. M.!”

*more intense holding in of laughter for me. * What possibly could the child come up with next? Fortunately Jules didn’t feel it necessary to demand more Spanish from Layla so the crude abbreviations came to an end. But I was highly amused.

Here are some pictures of Juliet’s new haircut. It’s funny how I set money aside for me to get a haircut and end up taking Juliet for one instead! I suppose I should get used to such things as it’s only a matter of time before she starts borrowing my clothes and shoes!


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  1. Denese

    She looks adorable! How could it be any other way? Such a cutie pie. xoxo


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