This is the time of year where the inside of my house never, ever gets cleaned because all I want to do is be outside. Craig is aaaaaalmost finished with our porch and it looks just beautiful. Yesterday I finished putting mulch down in landscaping and with the help of Spam (he loooves to dig!)  planted the birch tree in the back corner of the yard. I raked and swept up the pollen off the driveway and mowed the front lawn. I wiped down the couple of lawn chairs we have for the porch and weather sealed my birdhouse for the season. The girls played side walk chalk and “flew” their kites and we had a good half hour at the park before dinner.

We have 3 weeks left of school and I am really looking forward to winding down. It’s been fun to formulate summer plans in my head. The girls both need to learn to swim and as pools are in short supply in Norwich (and I don’t do public pools) we’re going to head over to Gilbert Lake every week or two for the day. That will be a lot of fun. I love that the girls are at an age where they can help me get ready for our outings and I don’t have to watch them so hawk like. Layla will be 4 (yes, 4!) on Saturday! So taking them both out is a lot less stressful than say 2 years ago when I needed to have them both tethered to me for fear of them wandering off.

Also we need to do a camping trip at Grammy and Pop’s house on top of the hill. I would like to go out to Ithaca to see the falls for a day. And when the girls spend their week in NJ this year I am DEFINITELY getting a massage this time.  :o))

I still need to find a swimsuit I like and fit into correctly. I have always had the proportion issue where my top half is smaller than my bottom half so one pieces don’t fit right and in two piece suits, my bottom is stuck right between and medium and a large. I can squeeze into a medium but it’s not pretty. (Oh I’m sorry, too much information? ;o) There may have to be alterations in my future.   I got yelled at by a couple of my aunts on Facebook for revealing my moment of weakness of contemplating a swim-dress, but that was quickly squashed when I realized the horror of what I was thinking. But that’s what Aunties are for, right?!

Well, I’m off to blow my nose for the 100th time this morning… ah spring! Ah, meds!

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  1. Mom

    We bought a tent that sleeps six this weekend! Now we just need to set a date for camping! I can’t wait.
    Love you


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