Soooo, I’m tired! So tired that Craigy and I have made the unanimous decision to have a pepperoni pizza on a Wednesday night. Mmmm….

Craig’s been working late again. We had some lovely company last weekend and we are going away next weekend and his hard drive flipped out a bit again thus resulting in a major overhaul *BREATH* so yeah… Pizza is necessary for getting over the midweek hump.

I’ve wanted to blog, but again, I seem to be doing that dictate in my own head thing at the worst possible moments. I really, really should invest in a little voice recorder or I would love a blackberry type deal. The other day I took the girls to a park in downtown Norwich and wrote a whole blog while watching them play… and when I got home couldn’t remember a gosh darn word of it.

Also, my mom brain is really, truly getting the best of me. I am so very scatter brained the past couple of days that it’s starting to freak me out! I’m sure the tiredness isn’t helping, but I am extremely distractable! Maybe it’s my new hair cut. It’s light and fluffy and makes me feel spunky and sassy, all Kari Byron-like (Mythbusters.)

My baby girl is 4 now. FOUR. Good golly that sounds like such a long time.

Craigy bought me… uh, us… new furniture for the living room. We officially have grown up furniture! It’s a beautiful set in a deep brown. We have a couch, love seat, ottoman and new coffee table. We haven’t bought new furniture since right after our honeymoon. It was time. And it’s preeeeeetty. And now it’s not embarrassing to invite people to sit down!

I was extremly bummed to miss the end of the year dinner at Nina’s for the Mom’s group I go to on Wednesday night. I just couldn’t get anyone to tell me exactly what was going on and where I could leave my kids. Having one car rarely complicates things for us, but tonight it was just funky. Plus the timing with Craig coming home from work righ… guh, guh. I did the mopey dopey thing for a bit and had to move on. Whatcha gonna do? Can’t win them all…

Oh! I made my very own cashew butter. It was very easy and is extremly scrumptious. Direction are as follows.

Put cashews in food processor and pulverize them until they turn to mush!

I’m going to watch more 30Rock now while I wait for hubby to return with the pizza. As I was in and out of the house many times tonight, he was very sweet and said he would go and get it. He’s a very nice hubby.

2 comments to “All Over the Place on a Wednesday Night”

  1. Jessie

    I do the mopey dopey thing too. But I can only take so much until I start mopey-dopey-ing into the kitchen for something to munch on. I keep thinking about that Pizza Hut Pizza…maybe it was just the company, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I don’t remember the last time I had it and I want more!!

    Can you post a few pics of your new furniture? Or email! How’s Temp doing staying off it?

  2. Tiffany

    I miss reading your blogs, as I cannot get here as often. I totally get the whole writing a blog in your head thing . . . . and then forgetting it! UG - it’s awful. We are home for a few hours, and I had a fabulous blog all formulated in my mind, complete with Scotty’s adorable 9 month photos, and alas I forgot my card reader at camp. I am so bummed. So no blogging. Love all of your photos! Did you guys finish up school for the summer yet?


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