I’m stressed out… and sick apparently.

Today was a rough day. I was lethargic. I could barely get through my easiest workout settings on the elliptical. I slept for an hour this afternoon and still couldn’t keep my head straight.Juliet and I had quite a bit of trouble today.  As I sat at the dinner table today recapping some of the day’s troubles to Craig this evening, Layla came up with our digital thermometer and with maternal compassion commanded “Mommy, let me take your temperature” Normally I would object and say that the thermometer is not a toy, but feeling so tired I consented.

Huh… Mommy has a temperature of 99.6. Weird. Layla, normal. Daddy, below normal (as usual.) Juliet, 99.5!

Well, there’s your problem! No wonder Jules and I were at such odds today. Although besides her… uh… troubles today she has shown no sicky symptoms and claimed throughout the evening, “but Mom! I just don’t feel sick!” And I’d have to agree with her… if she was feeling sick, she’d have milked it!

So Craig commanded me to the couch to watch Mythbusters.

After the girls went to bed Craig and I settled down the the FoodNetwork and attempted to find a place to stay in Lake George for our first weekend away in 2 years. Planning a trip makes me want to pull my hair out and I HATE that. Where is the place? What does it cost? Does the room look like a dentist’s office from the 90’s?  What is there to do? Is there a movie theater? Ugh! Apparently Craigy and I will be going on two different vacations :o(

I’m feeling crummy and will go to sleep soon. Maybe cry a few tears to release the day’s frustrations.

But isn’t that funny about Layla and the thermometer?! I’m telling you… that girl has an intuition about people’s interernal balances. It’s very interesting.

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  1. Denese

    Feel better soon : ) Being sick makes me cry too! xoxo


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