I would like to put in my ear buds and and let the iPod drown out the noise. I would like to get lost in my thoughts, in a book, in a project and let time slip away. That sounds good.

Some days I find it so hard to be thankful for the little girl voices coming from the yard or the bedroom. Days when there’s arguing, days when I’m preoccupied with my to-do, days when they just seem endlessly hungry or bored, days when all 3 of us are being driven by our inner flesh woman. (Yes, even 4 and 5 year olds have them… divas ;o)

I am thankful that they are such good kids. Of course they’re only human and will argue, complain, rebel, sneak around, and be selfish. I do those things. All the time! But I am so thankful of the example of a loving God who is patient with me. Who corrects me gently. Who at times will put a full stop on my path and just makes me lie down and restores my soul.

I’m having lots of idea and thoughts. Inspirations. Not ready to share more yet, but I am hopeful and would appreciate your prayers. Please pray that I would have follow through and perseverance and be able to maintain what is most important in my life. Thanks, dear ones :o)

2 comments to “Interruptions”

  1. Carolyn

    In my prayers always!

  2. Erika

    T, I pray you always find new inspirations and that God gives you the guidance to know when to act on them.


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