Quite a dilema… yes, indeed. I just don’t know what we are going to do?

A day at lovely Gilbert Lake learning to swim and digging holes in the sand? Or Frog Pond Farmers Market and u-pick strawberries? See both have pros and cons.

Gilbert Lake would be good because the girls really need to learn to swim and I have a feeling I could school Juliet in only one day due to her previous lessons. And tomorrow is supposed to be 85, perfect. But I have yet to find a bathing suit that fits correctly and I don’t want to scare people.

Frog Pond has lots of produce and strawberries are always awesome, but again, going to be 85 degrees tomorrow. Do I really want to be out in the sun picking strawberries when I can buy them at the food store for $1.49 a lb this week? And, and, and! my mom’s strawberries will hopefully be coming around aaaaaany time now.

Hmm… ok. Yes, Gilbert Lake it is. Humm… I have really difficult decisions to make in my life, don’t I? Wanna come?!

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