“If people were meant to pop out of bed, we’d all sleep in toasters.”

One thing I battle with most on a day to day basis is my love of sleep. So many times I lie awake a night with my alarm set for the early hour and planning the upcoming morning. I have every intention of doing so… until the moment arrives. Then I hit snooze and stay in bed until the very last possible moment.  I can think of a dozen reasons why I should be up earlier…Not that I sleep incredibly late on a daily basis and I’m not lazy when I wake up. But if I was up earlier I could spend time with God when the house was still quiet and seek His strength for the day. I could take the dog for a walk so that she’s not so nutty for the rest of the day. I could get in my workout and shower so that I don’t have to incorporate those things into the middle of the day.

God has just been laying this on my heart more and more lately and I’m just so tired of the human side of me winning. The conviction that I love my beddy bye more than spending time with my Lord breaks my heart.  I have to learn to go to bed if I’m tired, even if Craig isn’t ready. He needs less sleep than I do and while I don’t like going to bed alone, I think I’m not getting the sleep I could be making it doubly hard. Maybe I’ll try setting the coffee maker timer. Maybe I’ll make more coffee. I’ll keep you posted.

One comment to “I Love Sleep… Sleep, Sleep, Sleep”

  1. Carolyn

    More coffee is ALWAYS a realistic solution! :)

    This past year I had to be at work early - like by 6am. I didn’t realize that time even existed - I’m so much the antithesis of a morning person. At first I tried just making sure my work bag was packed and the coffee maker was good to go each night before bed to help my morning run more smoothly (a good idea, and it worked great). Then I started getting my breakfast ready (pouring cereal in a bowl and sticking it in the fridge). It got to the point where once I was done with breakfast, I started resetting the coffee pot and my cereal for the NEXT day before I left for work that day. I was always trying to make my mornings smoother, when really, I should’ve just learned that staying in bed for an extra 10 minutes and worrying about the day’s tasks/goals/etc was the way to go. Not always trying to “get ahead” but just living in what I was doing. I’m working on that still. I like having control over my environment and the way my day runs (and I realize that may not be as easy with two darling kiddos), but I’m learning to take a deep breath and BE OKAY with taking things as they come - especially if it means a bit more warm snuggly sleep.


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