Monday is a good day!

For most of my adolescence I took the common point of view of, “Monday, BAD!” Frankly, because high school (even a homeschooled high school) sucked. But then, when I was 17, I graduated nice and early and I started working for a photographer who took Mondays off. Suddenly, Monday became MY day. Because think about it… who else has Monday off? People who own restaurants was the only group I could think of. So I would spend at least a lovely lazy Sunday with hubby and family, and then Monday was all mine. The house was quiet. I could put things in the order I liked them, go where I pleased, take as much time as I wanted all by myself. It was my ultimate rejuvination for the coming work week. (which was typically 5 days like everyone else! Don’t get me wrong on that! Saturday is a big photography day.)

So now, several years later, Monday is still MY day. I absolutely love the weekend. Saturday is my favorite day. But Monday claims a sense of normalcy back in our home. I can once again run the house the way that works for me without worrying how it will affect the other residence. It is a day of productivity and clarity. And I think the girls feel it too. They happily go about their play as if they know that it’s their job to make believe, and they must do it to the fullest, just as Mommy is doing her work about the house. The house is on a quieter volume setting as the dishwasher and washing machine swish, the dryer hums and little girl voices create a play world.

Yes, it is a very good day.

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