Dispute is everywhere… over stupid stuff, over real stuff, over silly stuff. No one can seem to agree and just stay consistant. There is a huge dance community up here in Norwich, and apparently quite a dispute between the two big schools. To point the toe, or not to point the toe… that is the question. And while it may seem irrelevant to little ol’ me with no coordination to speak of, I’m sure to the members involved, it’s quite a point of turmoil. Well, if you go to Amber Perkins but your best friend wants to stay more traditional with Donna Freck and dancing is both your lives, what’s a pair of gal pals to do???

Ok, so I can see where these specific arguments may come from, but what about the church? Why can’t the Bible be accepted as the absolute truth that it has been proven to be. The issues that I see people in churches argue and debate over seem to always be someone saying, “well, that’s not how I see it,” but it clearly IS because that is what is SAYS. I’m sure we all have areas in our spiritual lives that are a tad gray, but we will grow and hopefully the truth will be revealed to us when we ask God to show us.

And by no means does this allow us to purposefully exclude, humiliate, or look down on another. Speak the truth. Proclaim it boldly. If the Bible says it, it is so. Hate the sin, not the sinner. Love.

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