Anyone who knows Layla well, knows of her love affair with Binkie & Blankie. My day is spent hiding Binking & Blankie for every time Li’l gets her hands on them, she just relaxes and becomes a mushy lump of baby. So my latest thing has been to tell her to go hide Binkie & Blankie under her pillow to keep them safe. And it’s been working for about 2 weeks.

This morning though, Layla all frilly in her Cinderella dress comes tiptoeing out of her room with The Precious, and as usual I told her to go put them under her pillow. I go into her room a minute later for something unrelated, and there is Layla Beth, Blankie draped around her shoulders, Bink in the kisser, sitting under her pillow.

Doesn’t get any cuter that that.

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