I am a highly emotional mess today. I find myself getting worked up and stewing over the smallest things. Not only are frustrations to the extreme but the love and happiness throws me way up to the mountaintop. I can’t take the up and down any longer! I think I might puke! I feel like I’m on a swing today… one on a really long set of chains. And I’m just being swung from one end of the spectrum to the other at warp speed… *pause* huh… Mood swings! No, no baby, the other thing. Life makes sense once again!

curls.jpgSo I started getting the girls used to the curling iron today. Poor Julie’s hair is poker straight and I don’t know if it will hold a girls even with gobs of gel. We may have to just embrace the straightness! But Layla’s is soooo beautiful all golden and wavy. Flower girls are fun.

So now comforted by tea and toast, I have laundry to fold and children to referee.

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